K9HS Orientation
K9HS Orientation

K9HS Orientation

Welcome to our Suffolk centre where K9HS Courses is based.

We would like to introduce you to the space you will be working in, plus run you through the steps you need to take when you first arrive at K9HS for your practical training experience.

K9 HYDRO SERVICES (K9HS) Unit 21, The Business Centre,

The Street, Earl Soham,


Suffolk, IP13 7SA

Tel: 01728 685755 Email: info@k9hscourses.com

When you arrive, please park on the right in the designated car park area leaving a double space between you and the next car. Please wait to be invited to the entrance space under the canopy and follow the protocols we outlined in the additional K9HS Training Guidelines.

Equipment + provision list

  • Food for the duration, lots of snacks and nutritious meals to keep you in top form!
  • Your drinks bottle and you can keep this topped up to prevent you dehydrating during our busy training programmes
  • Wetsuit, preferably full arm and leg length as this is an important part of your PPE for safe practice
  • Rash vest to protect your skin and swimming shorts etc as separates are more suitable than a full swimming costume for ease of changing and toileting
  • Wet slippers or shoes to wear in the hydro pool or aquatic treadmill
  • Clean crocs to wear in the clinic areas and hydro pool or aquatic treadmill
  • Outside clean shoes are left in the lobby area and please note that boots and flip flops are not suitable footwear
  • Gilet for wearing on top of your wetsuit for professional modesty and warmth. This is best if it is lightweight and a quick drying material
  • Waterproof bag for storage of wet suit, toiletries, towels etc
  • Smart clothes (no jeans) for in clinic areas when changed and participating in training
  • A smart phone or camera for taking photos of you in practice for your annotated storyboard assignments
  • Memory stick for your device, please do not rely on cloud storage etc as we have poor wifi connections here at K9HS and at AB
  • Laptop / tablet or electronic device to access and edit your online assignment Workbooks
  • Writing materials /clip board /paper /pens /highlighters etc


Top Tip: It's important to make sure you arrive with all the kit and provisions you will need for your stay with us and please check the equipment list above. K9HS is situated in a very rural part of this beautiful county and there are limited places you can pop out to for food as local shops have restricted opening hours. Please bring enough with you and a little extra, as you will be hungry due to your physical work in the wet rooms.

Practical Training Schedule


If you are arriving for a face to face training day; practical Masterclass, one day practical Placement or Registration day, the schedule below is an outline we will follow at K9HS, adding in flexibility to meet your specific needs.

Practical Training

8.45 am Registration + welcome

9.20 am Changed and ready in our hydrotherapy clinic for your hydro pool / aquatic treadmill experience. We have a dedicated safe space for you to have 10 minute breaks in between our 3 booked clients and their dogs, to write up your skills log and have a snack and drink.

1 pm Discussion + Q&A

1.30 - 2.15 pm: LUNCH

2.15 - 3.15 pm: Workshop style practical

3.15-3.30 pm: BREAK

3.30- 4.15 pm: Workshop style practical

4.15 - 4.30 pm: Plenary activity

K9HS works with you to offer a positive, exciting and custom designed training experience, providing you with opportunities to develop and progress your canine therapeutic skills.

Clinic Orientation

Please watch these orientation videos sequentially

1. Arriving at K9HS, where to park + handwashing.
2. How many times do I say toilet in this video!
3. Can you spot the mistake?
4. The "red zone" + owners viewing space.

5. Your designated area.

"The capacity to learn is a gift; the ability to learn is a skill; the willingness to learn is a choice." Brian Herbert

This K9HS Practical Hub was produced for you and is owned by K9HS Courses.