HUB 4: Bitesize Clinical Techniques

HUB 4: Bitesize Clinical Techniques


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Each page in the Webinars + Resources below is packed full of facts, clinical tips, scripted information, instructive visuals, video links, webinar replays and our series of "OneShot Inside K9HS" videos.

Canine therapies embrace a wide range of techniques that include physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, aquatic therapy, osteopathy, chiropractic, massage therapies and so on....

Canine assessment + treatment techniques

There are so many different ways to choose to assess and treat the dog to improve their mobility, functional tasks, performance and quality of life. Canine therapy is a combination of a science and an art form, as is veterinary science and medicine.

Using critical thinking skills and a clinically reasoned pathway, leads to the canine therapist devising an individual treatment plan, to meet the specific needs of each dog in their professional care.

It's easy to get a little lost along your canine career journey with heavy influences from competitors, others in your industry and growing social media influences. Seek guidance and support from your professional associations as well as reaffirming your own practice ethos. This will assist you to steer your professional compass in the direction that maps into your ethical and professional belief system and is the best way forward.

The ideal is to develop a therapeutic toolbox of canine assessment and treatment techniques that you can draw from.


Nurturing the expansion of your canine therapeutic toolbox is achieved through selecting specific CPD to meet your needs and extend your Scope of Practice.

A great way to practice canine therapy is to use an assessment driven approach with a systematic process, using critical thinking and clinical reasoning to achieve positive solutions for each dog.

Hub 4 CPD Activity

To claim each CPD credit for Hub 1, please complete the set activity for your selected resource below and then go to the Applying for your CPD Certificate Hub. You will need to complete the online form and enter a short paragraph of reflection on how you feel your selected resource and CPD activity supports your canine practice.


CPD ACTIVITY: For your selected resource, read through the information and devise a list of musculoskeletal structures to therapeutically palpate. Carefully locate these on a dog using therapeutic touch and compare left to right. Consider your postures and position. Observe and respond to the canine feedback signals in a mindful and professional manner. This is not a submitted task and we suggest this for your knowledge progression.

Clinical Techniques

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