HUB 5: Bitesize Articles + Terminology

HUB 5: Bitesize Articles + Terminology


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Welcome to Hub 5

Each page in the Bitesize Articles + Terminology below is packed full of facts, scripted information, instructive visuals, articles and webinar replays.

Literature appraisal skills

A sound scientific knowledge and understanding supports your career journey in canine therapy. We have selected a number of interesting articles to integrate with the information you can source from the other 4 Hubs.


Carrying out literature reviews and being able to effectively critically appraise scientific articles and journals is a core skill of a canine therapist.

Analysis + evaluation skills

Analysis and evaluation skills are carried through every aspect of your role as a canine therapist. Refining and honing these skills to consistently make sound and knowledgeable decisions for all aspects of your canine practice, supports your professional growth and practice.

We have developed an expansive references and resources section for you to dip in and out of as you need.

Our listed articles below are linked to topics we are exploring over the next 3 months and please take time to cross reference these with the other Hubs you have chosen to focus on.


Abbreviations and specific terminology is a minefield for many and it takes time to build knowledge and understanding. We have divided the terminology into useful clinical lists for you.

Always use appropriate terminology for the specific professional or person you are communicating with. Good communication skills with the MDT need to be effective, so consider using appropriate terminology for each person (consider their role) and be friendly, clear and timely.

Hub 5 CPD Activity

To claim each CPD credit for Hub 5, please complete the set activity for your selected resource below and then go to the Applying for your CPD Certificate Hub. You will need to complete the online form and enter a short paragraph of reflection on how you feel your selected resource and CPD activity supports your canine practice.

You can apply for as many CPD credits as you wish, completing this process for each application.


CPD ACTIVITY: For your selected resource, read through the information and write a brief summary of the article or resource and identify the key points relevant to your canine practice. This is not a submitted task and we suggest this for your knowledge progression.

Bitesize Articles + Terminology

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