K9HS Practical Training Hub

K9HS Practical Training Hub

Welcome to our K9HS Practical Training Hub devised specially for you.

This Hub aims to assist you in linking the underpinning knowledge explored within the online course material to a range of practical clinical skills.

Please also check out your K9HS Course Handbook covering the logistics of your stay.


Additional Guidelines for Safe Practice

Ensure you have read and emailed your acceptance of the Additional Guidelines for Safe Practice 2022 to Barbara at least 2 weeks before you attend your booked practical training.

Email: info@k9hscourses.com

Support + Mentoring

K9HS booked office hours

If you would like to book a one to one call with Barbara for support about your course and please email: info@k9hscourses.com

Professional Discussions

These are booked with Barbara to discuss in detail assignment work

K9HS Courses Community Group

This is a private Community Group you can access through your own Dashboard on our Thinkific learning platform. It provides a positive space to share your questions, comments, useful resources, pictures, canine posters, videos and announcements. We regularly add new resources and link these to our different courses.

Additional Resources

K9HS YouTube Channel

Check out our channel for the latest videos. Please subscribe and click the like button if you wish to see more videos and information posters.

Our Canine Bitesize Series offers you a choice of additional resources from a clinical perspective.


Using this Hub

We have designed this Practical Training Hub to integrate your theory studies with a range of clinical skills you will review during your practical training.

Please check in regularly to ensure you view our latest updates, extra resources and new videos, so you don't miss out!

This dynamic Hub is a living page which we can add regular updates and information in response to your needs. We wish to help you optimise your time and clinical skill acquisition in our practical training sessions.


You are registered for three months and have free access to this Training Hub to support your clinical progression.

To access each topic below, click on the visual to enter the page. Please start with the orientation and equipment list. To return to this home page you can either press the back button on the top left of your navigation bar, or click into the grey area around the page.

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This K9HS Practical Hub was produced for you and is owned by K9HS Courses.