K9HS Canine CPD Library
K9HS Canine CPD Library

K9HS Canine CPD Library

Welcome to our Inner Canine Community

Welcome to our unique open-style Canine CPD Library, where you choose the topic you wish to explore and the pace you wish to work at. Topics are interlinked across the Hubs and it's the perfect way to advance your canine skills and knowledge.

The Library consists of 5 linked Hubs full of different resources integrating pathophysiology, breed biology, canine behaviour, functional anatomy and clinical techniques, supported by research and facts. Optimising the individual plan for each dog, achieves great results and leads to happy, healthy dogs!


The current running total of accredited CPD hours in the Library is - 94 hours

Our multiformat resources include; webinars, informative visuals, scripted facts and information, video links, clinical tips, relevant articles, downloadable PDFs and a range of instructional K9HS videos.

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Approved CPD by the Institute of Registered Veterinary & Animal Physiotherapists (IRVAP) and endorsed by QLS.

Collect your CPD certificates when it works for you, either after you study a resource, or over time as you explore different topics. Our Moderator calculates the CPD study hours for each Resource.

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